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About StabilisSUPPORT

StabilisSUPPORT is a service from Stabiliskom which focuses on maintenance services on our sub-services namely IT-Infrastructure, VoIP Solution, Software Development, IT-Outsourcing.


Maintenance services are intended for companies (both startup companies and large companies) who do not have the time and specialized staff to manage and maintain infrastructure on a regular basis.

What if you don't have time to take care of IT Infrastructure even though Infrastructure is an important part of Operations for a company and even becomes a company image in the digital world? Actually you only have 3 choices, namely:

  1. Manage your own infrastructure, focus on operational management that will waste your time.
  2. Hire new employees to focus on managing your Operations and Infrastructure.
  3. Partner with the Stabiliskom team to manage and develop your technology sector.

If you choose to manage it yourself, it doesn't matter as long as you have enough knowledge in their field.

If you choose to hire new employees, your choice is not wrong. Your competent employees will assist your company in managing operations and assist you in developing your company's technology sector. You must also know how much it costs to hire new employees, which is a minimum of 5 million per month. The ability to use is also limited by the ability of one person, not the ability of the team.

If you choose the 3rd choice for website maintenance then your choice is VERY RIGHT, we have a professional team in their field so you don't need to hesitate to entrust everything to us. Our team has a variety of backgrounds so partnering with us is the most effective choice. Even in the case of cost problems using maintenance services will be MUCH cheaper than you employing more than 1 employee.

StabilisAPP #Coming Soon

StabilisAPP is a suite of mobile and web applications to enhance business in the mobile communication and technology era. It is designed to facilitate Field Sales Force, Field Engineer/Technician, Delivery Staff & Surveyor to work like a charm.

Commit and prove our quality of support with StabilisAPP Support System. Applications are integrated for contract management, helpdesk, ticketing issue, engineer/technician assignment, SLA measurement and escalation.

Why choose us?


Dedicated Technical Support is available that will help solve technical problems in a more personal way.

Full Maintenance Service

Every Application that is done is always bundled with maintenance services to ensure the Application continues to run well even though the Web has been handed over to the Client.


When and wherever the problem will be your needs, we are ready to come with the best Network Engineering.

Right on Target

We offer best in class service for your needs.